the phenomenon of Christian worship, inspired by the pop star


The atmosphere was conducive. A few days before the venerable Yolanda decides to Norton, on the altar for the first time, Beyoncé had done, what even in his pulpit in particular, on the stage of the festival of Coachella, in front of a few tens of thousands of people. 14. in april 2018, dressed as an Egyptian goddess, the winning artist the first black woman on the front line for the poster of the prestigious competition a show unfolds so overwhelming that even his legion of faithful prayers, the appointment is rebautizara more than Beychella. He was a concert worthy of atheists to be saved. Literally. Only nine days later, more than a thousand people urged that late on a Wednesday in a Cathedral in San Francisco –as a rule just once, you collect half-a-hundred for the adoration of the singer in a fair converted, the now a global phenomenon.

The Beyoncé Mass for services, inspired by the life, literature, and music of the star to reflect on the influence of gender and race in the Christian faithparticularly in relation to the role of the black woman in her. The Hosanna in heaven and the What a joy, as you told me left, step to Survivor, Halo or Listshits of the singer from texas, as the gospel tour, to be understood as a catalyst and thread of the ceremony. The San Francisco in Grace Cathedral, was the first to take place, Yolanda Norton, a professor specializing in the Old Testament, as the Creator and preacher. Malcolm Clemens, Dean of the institution said, so what was the goal of the service, between the sacred walls: “God is in all things, and Beyoncé was in the image and likeness of God. The Church has not tried to meet black women and it’s time with such a truth”. It is not the first time that the Church dares to had offered with metaphors of this kind already in the 60s as the Central figure of the jazz legend Duke Ellington.


Norton was already taught a workshop on this topic with the title Beyoncé and the Hebrew Bible in the seminar, in which he is working, but not you could imagine the success of a project has to go through, half way around the world to oficiarse in cities such as Los Angeles, New York or Lisbon. In addition to the sermon offered by Norton, the ceremony is based on the reading of various episodes from the Scriptures Parallels with the characters or life events of the artist, while a choir and a group of dancers interpreted to recognize some of its successes. “It is empowering and liberating for all, we are not Beyoncé feel allow us to, what we feel, knowing that this woman, who has to have everything seems the past of the same traumas and blows of fate, the us,” the venerable, in The New York Times.

The Beyoncé Mass to the criticism of believers, more fundamentalists, who claimed that the service ladies and the interpreter are facing Crazy in love on the self, Jesus Christ. In spite of the threats from social networks, e-mails and phone calls, each ceremony was concluded with success, and in the rest, gathered to a surprisingly large number of people with non-practitioners. “The message I hear when I’m in the Holy mass that there is room for the whole world. A transgender person, the Church was never a safe place or cordial with me,” says Andy, a student, that you like the under in the mass. “It is important that black women in the center of the conversationand it is not something we are accustomed to. But what is more gratifying is born to see people from all age groups, colors, and sizes together to worship and to speak,” he added Ayana, in Oakland, in the San Francisco Chronicle.

The ceremony is considered to be womanist (it was), a movement claiming that the feminism for the increased identification of the latter with the white women. “The mujerismo recognizes and celebrates the life, beauty, culture, spirituality and experiences of black women, and is committed to the survival, well-being and the integrity of the world”, will be awarded. On your website the possibility of the implementation of these events in each community, Church, seminar, or non-governmental organization.

The winner of 22 Grammy awards has yet to be decided, publicly, what she seems in this worship to his personbut that’s not the only big star from the world of music have a whole Church in its service. Kanye West, rapper and close friend of the couple, Beyoncé and Jay-Z, is in office for months, a Sunday mass in front of a selected group of guests, combining the music of gospel tours with the spirituality and sensual experience. In the long list of participants in the most famous we find such names as Brad Pitt, Katy Perry, Sia, and, of course, the entire Kardashian clan. West was explicit about what was, what is, the mixture of both elements: “hip-hop is in a way a religion, and the rapper, the preacher, the music, the font… you Go to a concert, you raise your hands in the air, sing songs, and Yes, you have to pay some money. It’s like going to Church”.



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