The photos most intimate Beyonce and Jay-Z are in the book of his ‘tour’


The Beyoncé and Jay-Z, the undisputed kings of the international music industry are current, the tours for more highlights. Everyone does, individually and in the set, brings together hordes of fans at the feet of their ‘religion, which offer a show do not forget so quickly.

A few days ago that the couple began a new tour under the name On The Run II and in the visual the altitude of the achievements of its two protagonists place. On the screens of colossal, unpublished pictures of the two of them together with their children, Blue Ivy and the twins, Rumi, and Sir. But in the photos more dynamic and can not be projected, but are in the book, which is sold as part of the merchandising for the tour.

In it, images Beyoncé and Jay-Z from everyday and intimate, like one that you have already covered social networks, you can see the couple in bed, half naked, with the rapper Smoking, and the singer in the newspaper.

In the book, only available at the concerts of the tour, which began in Cardiff, Scotland, from we also collect images Beyoncé taken by her husband, of the Queen B and I ran across the field, until the singer on the way to the water on a beach in the dusk. A ‘gift’ of what intimate partner of the empire of music and their fans, the talk inevitably there’s something to the Internet.



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