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In ROME, ON 12. SEP (ANSA) – The facades of the two schools in Pomezia in Lazio in Italy, and appeared early in the morning on Wednesday, (12) pichadas with the phrases and category.

According to the mayor of the city, Hadrian ‘ s state officials Zuccalà, working to erase the offense in the school with Pascal, and at the Institute, Largo Brodolini. In the close of the school, it is possible to see phrases like: “Pisoteie to the Hebrews” and “Burn the Anne Frank house”, along with numerous swastikas.

“It is a sign of concern for the spread of racism in the world, and feel entitled to reveal, the intolerance of the study. The college Blaise Pascal, it was to condemn immediately these actions, and to cancel such phrases as dirty, which have an impact on the hearts of the students, noting that students in the high school is located in Pomezia.

Zuccalà, for his part, said: “this is an act, a very real thing, and condemn them “in the name of the whole community”. “I hope that we are able to identify the perpetrator of such a gesture, the as soon as possible,” he said.

The episode takes place on the day on which the office Brodolini get, Gabriele Sonnino, witness to the Holocaust, take part in the event, and a few weeks later than the date that marks the 75 anniversary of the liberation of the largest extermination camp of the nazi era by the Soviet troops. The Italian authorities have launched an investigation to identify those responsible. The action was condemned by the Ministry of education of Italy, and Lucia Azzolina and the mayor of Rome, and the Virginia Raggi. “In the written category, appeared on the walls of two schools in Pomezia are embarrassed. I hope that the clarity will be brought to the attention of and that those responsible for this act to be unworthy to be treated,” said Raggi. (ANSA)



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