The singer Rihanna has donated $ 5 million for the fight against the coronavirus


José Plácido Domingo Embilknown artistically as well as Plácido Domingogave a positive effect on the test of the coronavirus, as revealed through their social networks, composer and conductor.

About your account of Facebook, the ex-general of the National Opera of Washington, and the Los Angeles Opera to his followers announced that it decided to cough and fever, test Covid-19, which was positive.

A publication of shared Plácido Domingo (@placido_domingo) the

Therefore, the Spanish tenor said that he and his family will be isolated, during the period of time is deemed necessary, and prevent the spread of the pot of the coronavirus.

“I feel that it will inform my moral obligation that I have as positive COVID19, also known as the coronavirus. My family and I are, and we will continue to be isolated individually, for all the time that is necessary-medical, medical,” wrote the singer.

In addition, Plácido Domingowho is accused of sexual abuse in his message, he asked the citizens who worry that they continue to be the safety precautions, such as washing your hands frequently, keep a little distance from the other people, and to do everything possible to prevent the virus from spreading further.

“I ask all to be very careful, follow the basic rules, such as washing your hands frequently, maintain a minimum two metre distance to others by everything that they can to stop the spread of the virus said, and especially, stay at home, if it is possible”, the tenor. You can also read: Plácido Domingo accepted the “entire responsibility” for the allegations of sexual harassment

Plácido Domingo

The man Marta Ornelas he mentioned that, if the people are doing, what prompted the government, with a view to measures of prevention, of the can.back to everyday life as soon as possible

“Together we can against this virus and stop the current global crisis, to return to our normal everyday lives as soon as possible. Follow the guidelines and regulations of the local authorities, in order to stay safe and protect not only themselves, but also for our community,” concluded Plácido Domingo. You can also read: Placido Domingo’s resignation as Director of the Opera of Los Angeles to allegations of sexual abuse

Plácido Domingo

This message will be announced, after the Spanish tenor took the responsibility about the allegations of sexual harassment after 27 women, his victims were.

“I understand now that none of these women, you might be afraid to Express yourself honestly, because you were worried that your career affected are at risk,” he added Plácido Domingo.

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