Theory of Selena Gomez viraliza fan with #free Elena is kidnapped


MEXICO.- To grow at the beginning of February a rumor in the social networks, the one or startedsuaria assured that Selena Gomez is kidnapped for several months, and four women.

The “thread conspiratorial“this account came very far and it is viralizando. According to his story, as the singer revealed, suffered, depression and anxietyin reality, faking, and who will by a young woman, she was in her photos and since your presentations.

A few days ago, the exnovia of Justin Bieber a photo posted on Instagram, to comment on the fans began #free Elena (let Selena). In the picture, the singer appears with waves and reflections.

The thread of Twitter, which has its origins in the tendency,

The user flower -234 @pieceofsel, and a thread of more than 50 tweets in which he said that the singer was replaced by Ashley Kane.

According to his theory, it all started in august 2018, when Selena took “Taki Taki” and his assistant resigned from her post. The young woman, who claimed to the account that the 4 women with Selena you keep kidnapped and under your control. Here is the thread.


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