To prioritize Shakira she asked the ruler of the world, the health, and not the economy, given the crisis of the coronavirus


The artist is Colombian-born Shakira today called for the rulers, through their account Twitter, listen to the recommendations of the “health authorities”, and not to prioritize the economic health prior to the breakthrough of the coronavirus.

“Many countries are not listening to the recommendations of health authorities and act too late, or the primacy of the economy before the health and well-being of the citizens,” criticized the composer and singer.

Shakira and asked the peoples a few cases, in order to “learn from the mistakes”, “we pay in Europe, where the measures were too late.”

“Please, we stay in our houses for 15 days, for the benefit of the needy, the sick, the elderly and the most vulnerable in the world,” asked the interpreter, who, according to Ansa noted.

Source: AFP



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