VIDEO is the daughter of Kim Kardashian opened the face of the sharp decline in


Known by own mouth, the prominent famous Kim Kardashian opened her daughter, who suffered in the procreó with Kanye West in a serious accident after a fall, your face.

The entrepreneur in detail in an interview that opens one of their two daughters, the daughter of singer Kanye West played a strong decline, the causes, the face after the fail miserably.

The members of the main clan Kardashian in detail in an interview with time bad in your life when your small daughter name Chicago falling from a chair, on the stand, the malheur, le, a cut causes less in your face that required several sutures.

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It was during her visit to the program Good Morningthat the star of the reality show ” Keeping up with the Kardashians by the well-known carelessness of life put in danger the little one.

The same told Kim in front of the cameras of the us-American program, which received small multiple stitches and, apparently, the scar will be deleted after a time.

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It is worth mentioning that the famous influencer and the artist procrearon four children, so that the tasks should, as a mother, not a simple task. Fortunately, after they converted an emergency were to the hospital, the little girl was operated immediately and has a good time today, and stressed that in Florence.

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In addition, during their marriage Kim and Kanye West procrearon four children, two of whom were born, medi belly rent.

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The primógenita Kim is North West at the age of six, followed by Saint West to 4 years, while in Chicago for 2 years and the Ages of almost 9 months, are the children Kim and Kanye to be caused by a belly, as Kardashian of your age and state of health could not get pregnant again rent.




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