Video of Jennifer Lopez in honor of Selena Quintanilla to 23-year-old at the premiere of your movie


Jennifer Lopez managed to death, great international recognition of the main role in the movie Selena, where he is the love singer Selena Quintanilla, shows her life, her rise to success and their sudden, pain.

This band, under the direction of Gregory Nothing, and produced by the father of Selena, Abraham Quintanilla celebrated its premiere in front of exactly 23 years ago, on 21. in March of 1997, and Jennifer Lopez told a touching video to remember, in this time of your life.

Jennifer Lopez and her tribute to Selena Quintanilla

“I can’t believe the last 23 years since the release of this incredible film-and 25 years after his death. Selena was a great inspiration for me, and I was lucky to be chosen to interpret them,” she wrote on Instagram.

“As an artist, this film was truly an experience that you will remember for the rest of my life,” added the diva in the Bronx.

In the clip, he for J. Lo, there are moments in the film Selena, videos of the singer, from Tex-Mex and of his audience, that the admiring faithful.

“I absolutely loved this movie. You were amazing in it, it was a drama,” she wrote in the post @tayehansberry. “An incredible talent, very soon. Beautiful tribute,” he added @John Russo photo.

“I can’t see Selena, without me sentimental. Your beautiful interpretation of it leaves me speechless,” commented @josefinejlover. “It is one of the movies, I can see a thousand times and I’m not tired,” said @natymalave.


Selena Quintanilla was 23 years old when the life lost, murdered by Yolanda Saldívar, his right hand, and who has conducted several boutiques of the official products.

Her death has a great impact on his fans, to this day, always a reminder, and sing their songs. In fact, young artists such as Angela Aguilar follow to honor his memory: with only 16 years, he has an album with new versions of songs by Selena.

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