VIDEO. Shakira raises disturbing message from his house by the coronavirus and cares for their fans


The coronavirus is an issue that affects all of us. And is that recently, the Colombian singer, Shakira he decided to reveal themselves through their social networks in terms of COVID-19.

Through a video clip, you hung in your account Instagramthe artist, born in Barranquilla, Colombia expressed its concern.

“Many countries are not listening to the recommendations of the health authorities. You act too late, or the primacy of the economy before the health and the well-being of the citizens”he says at the start of the clip.

Later, the couple Gerard Piqué he says: “My experience, after he lived in Europe, we have thought that the virus is very fast and our leaders too slow”.

In addition, the performer of songs such as “isTorture”, “I likeandThe bike” he urged his fans to stay home.

All countries need to work together, jointly with the world health organization, in a coordinated plan and international“said Shakira.

The call of conscience of Shakira

Some of the most famous and cheered the message of the artist, the in addition, he added: “The countries have only in a few cases, learning from the mistakes that we have to pay in European countries where the measures were too late“.

Finally, the Colombian is challenged the leaders in the implementation of extreme insulation of 15 days. “Closure of schools and public places, flattening of this curve and prevent the expansion in countries that are not ready,”.

Fans of the star in Colombia were very worried by the words of the artist.

Both Shakira how Pique together, they have some of the pictures, as led to the quarantine of the last days with their children.

Recently, the footballer have the Club Barcelona he shared some pictures, play a game of chess with one of your little ones.

Remember that different artists have used their social networks to invite, to remain their fans at home.



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