#Yomequedoencasa: Susan, Jennifer Lopez, the looks of the well-known, in quarantine,


The coronavirus is the universal language these days, and no one is responsible, escapes the quarantine is necessary, in order to try to appease the pandemic. The famous, more active, not to show never in their networks only your looks, but also superior to, esfe time. And so, while Susana Giménez admits that she has seen for days or a hairdresser, or maquilador, shows a photo of them with look -, bed-and admits that she washes, many times per day the hands. In his text closes with the hashtag #yomequedoencasa.

Also they showed an informal and relaxed with their children in their beds Zaira Nara (in your Bathrobe, with your baby newborn) and Nicole Neumann (in the rocker look with t-shirt Guns and Roses, and one of his daughters).

Valeria Mazzawith look casual with t-shirt in pink, picture, there was a moment, a kitchen (cannelloni in the family) with her son Titian and the small Taina.

Jennifer Lopez to play she shared a video of her son on a skateboard, his servant (for lack of bars, the cuarenrena) but tambiién a photo of them showed Mature, he recommends that we all of us well and intensively in the management of this time. #staysafe (stay healthy) is your hashtag .

Luisana In The Series Starred she pointed next to her husband Michael Bublé with sporty looks and to the routine of exercises, which can be made shared, with their almost four million followers.

The it girl English Alexa Chung she showed a sleep suit clothing collection, while the Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni compartio pictures of your large walk-in wardrobe and different looks indoor with Jogging in different colors.

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer she showed with a Maxi vestido white from the Italian brand Etro (explained in the text) about Bella Hadid was more than daring during your cuarentema to take a photo in the pants and the top without a million likes came.

Other top super sexy it was Emily Ratajkowsky who made crazy his fans with a series of total white with a cachecouer long sleeves.

What is your look entre Casa for the quarantine?



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