Amelia Bono posing in underwear on Instagram (and emulates Kim Kardashian)


If Amelia Bono he shared with his followers a look, very sensual home, we think of several things. The first is the classic, “how sweet this girl is forever”, especially because, if we his cozy outfit, with the help of the rest of the way home, we feel a little bad wearing a huge sweatshirt and a pair of trousers worn training suit, while Amelia seems to output an editorial out of fashion.

The second thing we think is that the look and sound of us, and it is not surprising, because it is a series of Zara had my eye on. This is an outfit consisting of shorts tiro medium with elastic waistband-finish-rib (19,95 €) in combination with a cropped top with v-neck and lace ruffles and spaghetti straps (12,95 €) and a jacket with v-neck and lace long sleeves, front pockets plastrón and hem with side slit (39,95 €).

Image: Zara
Image: Zara

The third thing we think is that both the pose and the look that reminds us of someone. Which celebrities is common, to show us of your wardrobe, your looks more at home? After a few minutes of thinking, we realized that Amelia was a Bonus by Kim Kardashian most of the time. Yes: Amelia is wearing a look such as the models of Kim for the collection of the ‘Premium Collection’ the signing of Skims.

Image: Amelia Bonus, and Kim Kardashian (Instagram)
Image: Amelia Bonus, and Kim Kardashian (Instagram)

Are already usual, Kim, your dressing has a bridge made Kardashian the room on their best run of his photos have become a mirror image of Amelia, who share in the rule, they your looks with your followers, this is now very much more with home-made, has in the version mongrels snapshots of Kim Kardashian. We’ll see if during the quarantine Amalia not “kardashianiza” what’s more, because if it’s appearance years ago as a Kardashian, he meant in looks, XXS, to breathe you, in deep, was a activity, risk, fever lounge was made with the realm of the Kardashians, and now his world is much more with the looks for the home, and in a time like this, in the we is us, the clothes at home, the real world.



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