Angelina Jolie removes both Breasts, and cut the body


Things you didn't know about Angelina Jolie (photo: playback)
Things you didn’t know about Angelina Jolie (photo: playback)

The famous actress from the cinema withdrew, her Breasts to reduce her chances of developing breast cancer in the future.

Well-known throughout the world for his roles in the films, and because of their great beauty, Angelina Jolie this is, without a doubt, that every girl wanted to be: Beautiful, rich, famous, desired and empowered. It So happens that, reached its peak, the muse is already passed, some of the difficult situations.

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The behind-the-touch-of-beauty-the actress is sure, it is a lot of money, so why, in 2013, Angelina Jolie made the removal of the Breasts.

Musa said that he had been subjected to a mastectomy, a double, in an effort to reduce your chances of developing breast cancer in the future. That is, if it is artificial.

In addition to that, Angelina Jolie had manners peculiar to them, and said that it was a joy to self-mutilate, and since I was a kid, it was a collection of knives. In a statement, the actress said that some people go to the shop, as it travels through the body. “I started to have sex, and the feelings it gave me were not sufficient,” said the star in a statement.

It So happens that, for a star movie finally, its appearance makes, it took a while. From the beginning, at the urging of her mother, she tried to pursue a career as a model, but failed.

After that she quit her acting classes and began to enjoy the profession of a Director at a funeral home, a remote studying is how to prepare the body for the funeral. She was transferred to Moreno High School, is a school of an alternative, which freaked out a “punk, dye your hair purple, wear all black clothes.

After he had graduated from college, the stars of the rented plays his own apartment and was in a lot of, so it will be that it is today. Angelina admits that she is still there in the background, just with a punk girl with tattoos.

The ex of Brad Pitt has to overcome a long history, in addition to the amazing. Today, a popular actress of Hollywood in the past, a girl who has her Breasts cut all his body with a knife, and he worked as the head of the burial.

Angelina Jolie worked as a director at the funeral (photo: playback)
Angelina Jolie worked as a director at the funeral (photo: playback)



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