As quarantine the way of the game in Fortnite changed? Also, the player will show


It may seem that the current Situation in the world has virtually no effect on the players.

Currently, the whole world lives in danger. The players feel this influence, particularly in the pingu. As it turned out, is not the only change that took place in the games. Many people are very serious potraktowało recommendations, not to meet other people face-to-face.

As a result, players began to avoid any contact with others, even in Fortnite. How does it look?

Others think when playing games

The user Reddita with Nick raygud writes that the current Situation has led to the fact that he started the game very different. This is based mostly on the exclusion of the other.


Of course, although the topic is serious, the need to just in Fortnite, you treat him with suspicion and more like a Demonstration of the capabilities of the movement, as the real impact of the continuing threat in the world.

On the other hand, some people said in the comments that this is actually the case with you. Somehow, unconsciously, avoid the battle and do not appear in the States in which a lot of people.

“I realize now, that I think something similar to,” it says on the Reddicie.

Whether it is really so? It is hard to say. At the Moment not visible in Fortnite and other games of a trend line avoid players. And not according to who wrote them on Discordzie, is the sound of the movie.



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