BBC appoints Beyoncé as the most powerful woman in the music

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Beyoncé has received for his activism, feminism, business acumen, and letters of authorization.

It defines itself as the “Bill Gates’ black in training”. “I was never a ceiling on my whole,” he says.

So it is not surprising that Beyoncé was, as the most powerful woman in the music through the program Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4a female view on the world.

The superstar was the first in a list of the BBC of the 40 women, but also in the industry, thanks to its defense of feminism, activism and messages of empowerment the music.

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The list of the 40 most important not only appreciation for the-star hotel in the world, and those successful in sales, but also the unsung heroes, working behind the scenes to the defense of the women.

The second place went to Taylor Swift and the third Vanessa Reed, who, as Director of the Foundation, PRS, managed dozens of festivals, had a balance of the sexes, the equality of treatment in the presentations of artists, the for 2022.

The top 10 also includes Marin Alsop, who in the year 2013, she was Chineke, the first female Director in the last night of the Proms, the BBC (a concert series of daily classical music), and Chi-chi Nwanoku, the founder of the first professional orchestra, the black minority in Europe, can you!

Industry, a few women

The diversity of the sexes in the music industry is significantly smaller, particularly in technical work such as engineering and production.

And even with artists like Cardi B, Adele and Dua Lipa, the lists, the data show mentioned that men represent 78% of the songs on most successful is.

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Woman’s Hour expected, that the publication of the list, you can get a better representation of women in the industry.

“It is a recognition of a 40-incredible women, but I hope you don’t stay there”, the presenter, Tina Daheley said, who led the jury.

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The first 10 women in the list of Powerful Woman’s hour in 2018

  1. Beyoncé
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Vanessa Reed (Foundation PRS)
  4. Adele
  5. Stacey Tang (RCA Records)
  6. Gillian Moore (head of music at Southbank centre)
  7. Rebecca Allen (president of Decca Records)
  8. Marin Alsop
  9. Chi-chi Nwanoku
  10. Maggie Crowe (head of events in the BIZ)
  • This is the complete list (in English)


Tina Daheley said that of the 40 most powerful women emerged, a long list of 100 names, and the judge of those who sought “the led, the impact on the last 12 months.

Beyonce “deserves absolutely the number one”, he added.

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“She’s one of those individuals fully responsible for their own destiny and they use it to make a difference: strengthening the black people in the United States, the fight against injustice and defend the women”.

“This is not only the letter and the activism in his music, but also contributes economically with the organization Black Lives Matter (“The life of the black imported) racist violence and those affected by the hurricane “Katrina”.

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Taylor Swift convinced to make Apple to reverse a policy that says that the artist would not transfer license fees for the music, to the user in the trial period of three months.


Taylor Swift was praised the panel due to him from companies such as Apple and Spotify for the license fees, and to win-with success, a case of sexual assault against a exDJ us radio of an incident in the year 2013.

“When I see the girls and boys, as Swift, which are capable of strong womenI see how much she has influenced. Her influence on these girls is that the activists of the future,” said the judge Jasmine Dotiwala, a TV producer, musical.

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Daheley he also stressed characters such as Fiona Stewart, the 18-year-old was a single mother, and after living in shelters for the homeless, It now leads the Green Festival, a festival of music and art, which is held annually in mid-august in the Brecon Beacons, Wales, United Kingdom.

“Your story is incredible but also, what is your attitude to the music festivals. The sponsoring company and not through a VIP area for exclusive people rejects. It is further down the list, but nevertheless, there is reason to celebrate”.

Male oppression

The list also includes Sarah Stennett, Manager of the First Access Entertainment, the Agency managed artists such as the UK, Rita Ora, Ray BLK and the us-Bebe Rexha.

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The list also includes Rebecca Allen, President of Decca Records, Chi-chi Nwanoku orchestra Chineke and Grace Ladoja, founder Metallic Inc. and managing Director of Skepta.

“I was never aware of in my genre as something that limited me up to this year,” said Stennett of the BBC.

“I was too busy trying to go forward and survive dominated in this environment of fierce business with the entertainment of men.”

“I had to keep a test that wrote to my daughter about the effect, the unconscious, the women faced Patriarchal oppression, and to recognize that it is this suppression was a part of my relentless pulse, not fail and, in fact, has helped me to reach a level of success that allowed me to be part of this list”.

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“I hope everyone will success, help other women, to close the gap in the imbalance of the sexes in the economy.”

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