Beyoncé surprised the pose next to bottles of a brand of gaseous Peruvian


In the first edition of 2020, the to in Canada and the United States, the fashion magazine Elle a photo shoot with the us-American singer Beyoncéwho posed in various public places.

In this way, you will see the pop star in a Laundry, a hairdressing salon, a shopping center. And also in a supermarket, next to nothing less than bottles of Inca Kola. This photo was surprised, more than a follower of the Peruvian due to the emergence of the legendary brand of soda along with other drinks.

In addition, the publication is the photo shared on your account of Instagram together on a message of Beyoncéwho said: “The last time I went to a supermarket was more than a winery, before a Madonna concert. Jay and I, we were in the Crenshaw and compraoms some chips from Raven, and Funyuns. And… you know, the one you see at Target, and I, trying to sneak photos“.


The publication of American opened in the summer season, an interview with Beyoncéwho the criticism is now his efforts, usually about the appearance.

On the other hand, the official Inca Kola he commented on this photo in the magazine. “More and more, and only“, they wrote.

The photo shoot was responsible for the management of Melina Matsoukaswho decided to place Beyoncé in addition to commercial spaces. Just in a shopping centre, where the singer “Single Ladies” posing next to the well-known brand of Peruvian and other beverage related. The photography integrated into the section “ask me anything” – magazine of fashions.

It is recalled, Beyoncé known by their personal Twitterthe release of their new album “Homecoming: The Live Album”. This cd collects their appearance in 2018 in the festival Coachellain addition to a number of images of the backstage view, in the the accompanied the Destiny’s Childyour sister, as Long as your man Jay-Z and a large grouping of musicians and dancers.

For the duration of the show Beyoncéthe album “Homecoming: The Live Album” with 40 songs and is in Tidalthe music-streaming service Jay-Z, Spotify and Apple Music.



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