Beyoncé with the bike smashed, with her beautiful butt


Incredible picture of the artist sitting on the bike

There are certain celebrities as Beyoncé, that, regardless of what you hang on to manage it on your social networks, all of the land your publications and became a viral phenomenon. Of course, the fans of Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Ariana Grande, or Selena Gomez) have much easier.

Also the case is Beyoncé. And the American singer have studied is very good, as you keep your account of Instagram, which publications and which are not. In contrast to other divas like Cardi B and Nicki Minaj, who contested on the account of the wife of Jay-Z is no place for publications or in person.

Everything is very well studied, so that in the moment when your computer, click on the button “publish” (not exactly that one of its networks) and the publication of pete. And this is what happened in the last few hours with a picture that has its most loyal supporters with his mouth open. A photo-style Beyoncéthat is, the flow and sensuality go hand in hand.

In the picture we see the singer on the bike. And, of course, in regard to the model, you see, are not a few have noticed that your hips, so big, fit in the saddle. Of course, the image is searched and it is not that the bike is too small, the error in the photo session. Quite to the contrary. Like the other images of this advertising campaign for a well known brand of clothing, Beyoncé brings sensuality and the image of the warrior that had been with her for years and has many successes.



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