Check out these tips for the safe use of electricity during the carnival-season


The videos with the tips that are available to you on the pages of the Agepan, and rio de janeiro on Facebook

The videos with the tips that are available to you on the pages of the Agepan, and rio de janeiro-Facebook – photo

For many people, the carnival season is the best time of the year and the perfect time to enjoy a day full of fun. A campaign of the National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel), with the support of the state authorities, with whom it has agreements, such as the state Agency responsible for the regulation of Public services in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul (Agepan), offers some valuable advice to the security in relation to the care and use of power for the streets.

The campaign is social media usage to spread it on the funny videos, the guidelines to avoid accidents and to ensure the well-being, in the time of the party or the organization of events in the carnival.

Check out these tips

For the night owls:

  • Of note, the use of fantasy in your pool, parasols and walking sticks selfie so as to not touch the errors, and the wires are electrically powered. It is essential to comply with the distance from the power supply.
  • You never go barefoot in the streets. Many of the shoes with the soles made of rubber. In addition to comfort, they are isolated.
  • Coils of metal are extremely dangerous and should be avoided.
  • Electricity and water do not mix. If the body is wet, don’t bother with the power.
  • Please be especially careful with the connectors and electrical devices.
  • Never climb on power poles, canopies, or trees, don’t even try to pull away from the wire. An electric shock can be life threatening.

For anyone who is preparing for a big party with tents, a stage, lighting and sound

  • If you are planning to revive the access to the power of the public back the party, talk to your dealer and ask them for the supply of temporary electrical power. Primarily due to: hire a qualified professional to carry out all of the electrical design of the event.
  • It is important that the facilities are in proper and safe grounding of steel structures, insulation of cables and wires, and to comply with the safety distances to be low.
  • If the event includes the staging, floats, stands, electrical, and other structures, and make sure that you are far away from the electricity grid.
  • The organizers of the parade and the trios elétricos (sound trucks analyzed in the restricted range, and the vehicle is allowed in the time by law, you are already most of the people on the top.

The videos with the tips that are available to you on the pages of the Agepan, and rio de janeiro is on Facebook.

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