Demi Lovato ended the war against Taylor Swift with this solidarity message


“Bring something to the Capitol Hill, or really about something, and only speaks, I’m impressed,” said Demi on their social networks.

Before the stir caused by his statement, Lovato explained a little later: “to see Everything I want to, how women are connected and make up the difference. A real change in the society. Everyone has to support his own kind, the other, and at the end of the day, to help the victims of the only thing that counts is”.

But that was not all, because in the same year, Lovato moved Swift and your girlfriends stereotypes physical store and sell a small picture of the real female body.

“This is probably the most touched me problems, but I don’t see anyone in this ‘squad’ with a normal body. It is a kind of false image to the people. Or how should be people, and that’s not real,” she said in an interview, in which he said that “you have a song and a video (Bad Blood), in which you Katy Perry it is not ‘women-empowerment'”.

The most recent controversy happened when Taylor Swift sued Scooter Braun apparently the rights of all of the songs have taken. Because Demi Lovato got the controversy and defended the manager. “I haven’t tried it with bad people in the industry and the scooter is one of them. He is a good man. I, personally, am grateful that you came in my life than he is. No more ‘please’ the people or acosándolas. There is enough hate in this world as it is.”

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