Geisy Arruda about boredom complain, in quarantine, and there are trailers with the click of a stunning


The muse recalled, an essay, and was delighted with the fans

From: Isabella Ellin | 22. March – 18:32

In the afternoon of this Sunday (22), Geisy Arruda told of an essay that he had on his Instagram.

The muse showed off her gorgeous body healed in a modelito-black-and-green-neon, and for his successors in the caption that you’ve been enjoying these times of the years.

“With the quarantine, I hope! I’m deciding whether or not the chick with the nails or the beginning of a lot of cleaning. Whatever the decision is, I’ll have a lot of time to do both. So, it’s a picture of the 🍑 is to remind us that life is GOOD!!! In order to be in the house!”, She wrote in the caption.

In less than 1 hour, the publication has received more than 23 thousand cured.

“Drop D” is a joke of a fan of the exposure of Geisy talk. “The candy is more beautiful,” said a second. “I’ll stay here and admire their beauty,” he said to a third party.


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