In são paulo, the cultural center is re-opened, as a center of diversity is in the


A little more than a year after it was created, and the Cultural Itaim, will be re-opened by the mayor of St. Paul, on Friday, the 29. with the name of the centre for Cultural diversity (CCD). The apartment complex is LGBT, mainly activities related to topics, and occupy a part of the premises of the Teatro Décio de Almeida Prado, and the library of the Anne Frank house in Itaim-Bibi district, in the southern part of the city.

The event took place less than a week after the Governor, John Doria (S) announce that the house of Franco de Mello, Avenida Paulista, you will be redirected to the Sesi, back home to the Museum of Sexual diversity, as it was announced that the management of Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB), during the LGBT Parade to be held in 2014. Today, the museum works in a small space, the exhibits in the Station, the Republic of the U-Bahn station.

In the new cultural centre, a building in the complex is a partially graphite-with all the colors of the rainbow, while the library is a series of books has LGBT-related topics. “It is of fundamental importance that the city has a dedicated space for it. In a way, that we will be able not only to keep to the schedule, which is one of the largest in the city, to the home, but to find a space that is completely dedicated to it,” said the Secretary of the culture, and Alexandre Youssef.

“We are looking for a vocation, and themes for certain cultural centers, the forms for improvement in some areas, and cultural expression. It is an option in the theme, as we have done with the Cultural centre of the house, to a center of cultures in the Black of the home, mother, sisters, the, Ah, the Cultural centre of São Paulo, which is dedicated entirely to the culture and the avant-garde,” he says. “We have an understanding of the location and a link to the kit you is in the understanding of ways to respond to the approach of the government to the demands of the society.”

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The Future

The cultural centre has been released by the management of the Bruno Covas (PSDB) as the first LGBT issues in the city, as it is a schedule contains, the most extensive of the Museum. According to Youssef, the place is on the agenda of the Festivals in the summer, without rebuke, in January, with services as “not acceptable” by the government of Jair, jair bolsonaro. “A part of the LGBT issues are one of the most popular of the Senate of the United States.” In addition, we are also a option in the space to the programming of the LGBT Parade. All the details are in the journal In the state of são Paulo, Brazil.