Is reported! Katty Perry and her step, because it is through the court!


What we don’t throw up to 2020, exactly one year to the rockets for the singer Katy Perry. The American artist he was a few weeks ago obliged delay your wedding with the actor Orlando Bloom the pandemic of the coronavirus and is still the focal point several polemics. However, not everything is bad news are confirmed for the singer, a couple of weeks ago is pregnantand since the court is there any good news to come.

The complaints by plagiarism singer, or even between them are increasingly on the agenda. If the chorus is similar, as if this verse sounds the same, and so demand in millions of us dollars, to see many times, if it sounds the flute. Katy Perry you saw in this situation a few months ago, are reported by plagiarize supposedly your success ‘Dark Horse’ a rap song christian singer Marcus Gray, more known in the Us as a Flame.


The case had a judgment last summer, the numbers, however, against the singer and her commands to 2.78 million us dollars as a compensation. The appeal adopted by lawyers Katy Perry has to decide its final decision this week, after so many months of controversy, the artist is acquitted and do not pay any amount. Are can a resource from the other side extend this theme, as it seems to me.

Your name is so clean, at least for the time being – a the accusation of plagiarism in one of your topics the most famous, where the main dish intermediate of the Super Bowl 2015. A song that collects on YouTube more than 2,600 millions of reproductions, a real impudence. Recovered, the right of one of the melodies that him directly to the star.



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