Jennifer Lawrence almost killed, an employee of “the Hunger Games”


The hollywood actress, Jennifer Lawrence confessed in an interview that during the filming of the last film in the franchise Games from Fome (The Hunger Gamesin the original version) is almost dying finished with a technician for the sound. The hollywood actress and the 26-year-old has a large rockfall, and go up the steep slope of a mountain, and in Hawaii, it is up to you to destroy you, the station, the sound of the set the film was shot.

It is due to the fact that the righteous perish, and that Lawrence’s account of him, you have a lot of itching of the skin. The actress gave in to the desire to calm down the symptoms, I would be the rough surface of the stones to the locals. “I was dressed for a fact, scratch that, the neon on black, and… my God, this was a great opportunity for me! The stone I sat on was pulled away. It was huge and it slid down the mountain until it almost killed one of our men of the sound,” said Jennifer Lawrence in a tone between jest and seriously.

The stone, the star of the Hollywood report, in accordance with the tradition of Hawaii, is a challenge, as noted by Lawrence, saying that “it is not expected that you sit on them, because they show not to you, your private parts.” Even so, she could not stand the itching of the skin, and, finally, to sit on the rocks.

The Story The Hunger gameswith four feature films, and was adapted to film by the books of the same name by author Suzanne Collins, which led to the first full-length feature film on the big screen in 2012. Jennifer Lawrence is the main character, Katniss, takes over in a situation in the post-war period, where you have to fight for your survival and that of your sister.



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