Jennifer Lawrence stars in the new film in the series


Jennifer Lawrence is back on the canvas and on to the next project, he chose the film’s Director, Adam McKay, and Netflix.

Jennifer Lawrence, one of the Actresses of the new generation of Hollywood was to take a break from the full-length feature films, but now it looks like it is going to go back to the film projects, and has already been elected, the Director will work with who you are

In accordance with the The Hollywood Reporterthe young actress is the “Don’t Look Up,” the upcoming film from writer-Director Adam McKay. The film follows the story of two scientists who discover that a meteorite will hit earth in six months ‘ time, the shock, what is the cause for a disaster can you at the end of the human race. Both seek to inform the population, but his advice is not being heard.

The project is the first to be on the horizon for the duo, the McKay/Lawrence. The two artists have already been working in the service for a number of ideas which over the years will be able to, but the project never had the chance to go to the front. Also it was reported that the actor would participate in “Bad Blood”, but, unexpectedly, the film was set aside for you.

The game was Paramount presents Pictures, but the studio saw the budget of 75 million US-are dollars higher, and this can only be the right thing to do. The refusal by Paramount, Netflix, and saw the opportunity to take the project and gave the green light for the project. And now, in the light of this new opportunity, and the casting of Jennifer Lawrence, McKay says that he is looking forward to the project.

“She (Jennifer Lawrence) is the one that would call the people of the twentieth CENTURY, the ‘dynamite act. And the fact that the Netflix and watch this movie as a Comedy in the world, sets the bar high for me and my team in a way that is exciting and motivating.”

“You don’t Look Up” starts production in April and all indications are that Netflix wants to prepare for the release of the film until the end of 2020. The project is more than just a calendar, for McKay, it seemed to be very busy. Remember that the screenwriter and the Director have on the top of the table on a project with HBO, and has recently been awarded with an Oscar, Bong Joon-Ho. McKay is the name given to the work of the hand of Joon-Ho’s on the TV adaptation of the award-winning Film, “parasite“, you can count on Mark ruffalo’s hairstyles.

What do you think of the duo of Jennifer Lawrence and Adam McKay?



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