Justin Bieber breaks the heart of Hailey Baldwin, the song could be for Selena


Recently, a new rumor was the love triangle sets, consisting of the singer Justin BieberHailey Baldwin and Selena Gomez in the middle of the controversy with the statement that has a new theme of the artist with a dedication for the outside of your ex-partner.

The protagonists in the dispute, once again in the headlines, after a message has been filtered through the new issue of the singer, who is, apparently, what the Texas singer would, Selena Gomezwho’s his partner over a period of ten years.

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Then the singer, Justin Bieber, to reveal, is the insulation in accordance with the limitations of the isolation of the new pandemic, the Canadians took advantage of this time to be inspired and write new songs to what is proposed have a lot of fans, when you create a new topic Selena Gomez.

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What is not a fact that, if this is real, would be to the liking of his wife, the model Hailey Baldwin.

However, some fans suspect that it may be a subliminal message, Gomez in his album “Changes”.

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As she did, as if throwing the subject “Lots of you to love me“the singer could decide to spend some of the letters, the not so obvious with their latest album.

And although always within more years in your past relationship, the fans, the outside of the pair and love, and that all acaparaba reflectorsdon’t forget to have your relationship and always try some link small between the two, though this only, that he sent through his music, and some tips.

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However, up to the time when the interpreter “Baby“not dedicated to has not yet of his songs, the seems, his beloved wife, therefore, it could also be that you keep your loyal fans you alive, in the hope that in the background of the ex-Disney star, Selena wonders, although she is married, with the Hailey Baldwin.



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