Kanye West and Kim Kardashian lied. Taylor Swift told the truth


Kanye West, Taylor Swift call
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Something they had not expected to revive during this global crisis, which is by the COVID-19, the dispute between Taylor Swift and Kanye West. But someone decided to resurrect the drama between the singers and filtered, the call complete in 2016. Yes, the controversial call, the for years Kim Kardashian showed only fragments, to expose to you Taylor as a little girl berrinchuda. However, the weather gave reason to the singer Why?

Here is the context: In the year of 2016, Kanye released the song “Famous” and “T”aylor immediately spoke out against the theme, claiming that was disrespectful, and that the use of their names was not what was agreed. Among other things the song says: “I made that bi*** famous”in relation to Swift. In response, Kim Kardashian West leaked parts of a conversation between Swift and West β€”you took without the knowledge of Taylor, for prove that her husband asked her, the singer for the use of these phrases in the song.

Famous Kanye West
Video “Famous” by Kanye West, where the singer put figures made of wax, Kim, Taylor, and he is in bed.

In time, many of the opinion that this was, had started more fuel for the fire to Taylor Swift. For his part, Kin the emoji of a serpent wrote a tweet about Taylor and used. So, in social networks, they began to qualify, Taylor, how to make a “snake” for lying in relation to the song, and a scandal, and used this emoji to start HT #Taylor swift Isover party.

Bullying in social networks was so strong and insistent for Taylor went for a year from the public life and blocked all the comments on your Instagram. Now the call does not show fully leaked, that Swift lied. We remember the video “Look What You Made Me Do”, where a lot of messages to the partner sent.

Another detail is that really the reason for Kanye call Taylor, she wanted to ask him, the interpreter, “network”, she started, “Famous” in his Twitterbecause she has a whole “army” of fans, and what attracts more audience to his song. But Swift refused to throw yourself, is the song, with the argument that their fans think they had something in the song, and it was not so. If Kanye took the followers of Taylorwhy was this in the song, that he made him famous? He wanted you to do so, most famous.

This Saturday, after almost five years, the roll formed and began, with the HT #Kanye West Isover party and #TaylorWasTellingtheTruth. This is a must have also ignored thanks to the filtering of the call β€”duration 25 minutesβ€” which shows Kanye, some of the words that you would use to describe Taylor Swift in the song. Specifically, he has never been informed that the would “b****”. She reminded him that he already has two albums in the millions, before he go up to the stage of the MTV Awards to steal the time.

Kanye West Taylor Swift MTV awards
If Kanye West came on stage, you won to interrupt Taylor Swift (C) “Best Video Female”, in 2009 at the MTV Video Music Awards. Photo: Christopher Polk/Getty Images

The audio shows that Taylor agree with the sentence: “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex”understood as something ironic. Because Kanye wanted that the sentence “I feel like Taylor Swift might still owe me sex.” West said that Kim Kardashian preferred the version of “owe me sex” on the line “might still have sex”. But Taylor was opposed to it, and the song ended, as we know. Here is the complete audio-call fresh-filtered:


Also, this call is revealed, other things such as the fault that Kanye had to pay for with Kim to a new house. In addition to his feud with Drake. This in a monologue of seven minutes, where the West remains just talk, and proposes that keep up to date with the Kardashians is a lot of pressure, financially, for him, was. β€œWith my family. I felt, look, if you live just outside of the black man angry with a pair of red shoes cool Nike five years ago, my daughter visited, rather than with her. Would like that is already enough. Since it would not have been great, because a group of people, including my wife, would have, all of which had a minimum of 500, 400 million to your account“, she says.



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