Katy Perry declared innocent in the demand for plagiarism


A court in Los Angeles picked up a judgment had found that the singer Katy Perry pay a total of 2.78 million us should plagiarism to commit dollars to a rap song Christian in his subject “Dark Horse“.

Then, the legal team of the singer apelara the decision of the judge, which was behind the case, in his judgment, that “Joyful Noise“of Marcus Gray (the song allegedly infringed) was not what sufficiently distinctive to be protected by copyright.


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The lawyers of the plaintiffs have already made in the local media demanding that the new decision-making because, my, the, the judge had earlier “legal”, and make “reset all to your judgement”.

The demand led for the year of 2014, if Marcus Graywho’s dealing with the world of music with the alias “Flame“between found similarities “Dark Horse“and her song released in 2008 on the álbúm “Our World: Redeemed“.


Dark Horse“he hard drive Prism (2013), is one of the biggest successes of the career Katy Perry and your video clip, inspired by the old Egyptcollects more than 2,600 million hits YouTube.


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