Katy Perry do want your colleagues of ‘American Idol’ for your wedding


Only a few days after the throw out the idea of the public in the awareness that maybe a lot of cost, now is the singer Katy Perry again rethink the possibility of the setting of your fellow members of the jury in the new edition of the competition ‘American Idol’ in terms of their long-awaited wedding this summer with the actor Orlando Bloom, with whom do your first tree together expected.

More specifically, the singer Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan care variety bring to the party after the ceremony with their respective services in full you will no doubt have great success, while the moderator of the room, Ryan Seacrest, might even officiate, the link as such. Interestingly, Katy didn’t even mention the fourth judge, and, in addition, the Creator of the program scout: the producer Simon Cowell.

Since then I’ve thought. I would like to, I wish I… The problem will be the budget, mainly because of Lionel. His mere presence would do anything to spend. And if about us, the house Ryan… Nothing, I think, that’s impossible,” thinks the artist, of 35 years, in a lively discussion with the portal ‘Entertainment Tonight’.

Neither the artist, nor your future husband, by the way already in the United States of America and in the quarantine after the end of the shooting of their serial ‘Carnival Row, work in Prague because of the spread of the coronavirus, have spoken publicly about the rumors that you have not left to circulate for a hypothetical shift of the link, which is the should be held in Japan in august of this year and after the birth of her expected discharge.



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