Miley Cyrus and “Bright-Minded’, the best of Instagram, quarantined,


Miley Cyrus is a music star, but, above all, knows how to show, always. The great progenitor of the twerkingthe out-hanging tongue, the (ex -) Disney star and is the absolute protagonist of almost all momentazos each Gala MTV, which keeps on, as the Americans say, a real entertainer.

We have all seen some of our favorite stars are trying to entertain on Instagram, in one way or another. The musicians make a live-singing, models, tutorials, make-up, make athletes challenge and the actor to recommend us movies. This is all very nice, but no one is curran, both as Miley Cyrus, who has her Instagram in a program, since each show of the American television would like to. What is called Brigth Minded and he makes a little bit of everything, singing, make-up, sports. Of course, since you have accompanied-star hotel invited, as Haley Bieber, Jeremy Scott, Rita Ora or Demi Lovato. However, each time successfully, then the professional Alice are more. We already have the programming (Yes, programming) for the first three days of this week. A list of participants and the content you would cry, fuss, to each Department, for the press.

miley cyrus


Although on Monday guests such as Ellen DeGeneres or Emily passed Osmet and on Tuesday his father and his sister, accompanied him to where the programming is on Wednesday, from Bright-Minded looks like. In an hour, Reese Witherspoon, Hilary Duff, Bebe Rexha and Dua Lipa by your Instagram. Who does not pay attention to Instagram, I say, even the gradients on Yotube.



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