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In a moment of isolation, because the coronavirus, Miley decided to Cyrus, to animate the fans of a program on your personal account of Instagram, from Monday to Friday.

To be so reminded, ‘Hannah Montana’ and ‘ interpreter ‘Wrecking bell’ was a talk show in your Instagram-Live by the name of “Bright-Minded: Live with Miley’, where he talks with different people.

Your second episode of a sensation in their fans, because the guest was someone with a long-standing friendship, although it is still not long had contact with: Demi Lovato.

“One of the women most inspiring, I have the honour to call friend, in the last 15 years had in my program in the morning and we talk about opportunities, remains strong, optimistic and eager to help by holding exercise, which is used to active, a bright mind,” in the advance of Cyrus in their social networks.

The old Disney girls in a in vivo during the quarantine of COVID-19.

During the broadcast, the artists shared anecdotes from her life and talked a little about their friendship, mutual support, although they often speak of how, for example, the idea of a perfect body.

The topic of the Canon of beauty was important for friendship, because both of them have to be the dismorfia body and both personalities of the public life, and you need to constantly exposed to the criticism, and they appeal to the love of self.

Between the jokes, she touches, mentions the incident of Miley at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, when the singer appeared, the 27-year-old in a bikini in the color of the skin.

“I think it was very hard, because a part of my identity has always been to be myself, without asking for forgiveness no one, to feel the confidence in myself and the worst thing you could do, that was, that was a lie, my fans, or that it was a Scam,” admitted Miley to do this.

Demi assured to know nothing about the feelings of his girlfriend and promised her to stay with her in the future.

Miley also asked Lovato what are your recommendations in order to stay “lit up”, while in dark times. Demi replied, that your relationship to God and to the prayers.

“I started to go to Church, in December, and I found my relationship to God. I also found an application, the prayers. And for me, this is my form of meditation, through prayers,” he said. “The more you meditate, the more you can, if it calms you down,” he added. (E)



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