My butt, cleaning, and crucial for the main character Pascoal: the quarantine of The well-known of the coronavirus – Famous


The famous, if also isolated, because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus, and you will spread your life on social networks, as in the case of Hattusa Anitta, Iza, Bruna Marquezine e Marina Ruy Barbosa.

He had also done live shows, such as, for example, is compassion. Already, Juliana Paes, has much more time did the cleaning and spent with his family, while Antonia Fontenelle came on a controversial Directive

Although a good part of the Brazilians to be put under quarantine, it is hard to keep track of all of the world in Brazil. As a result, the NaTelinha he made a resumão do that some of the stars are made at this time.

Check it out:

Ivete Sangalo

Ivete Sangalo concert has to be cancelled, but his fans weren’t standing, and he put the music to the muse, to play in the district and the state. The singer has shared with his followers on Instagram until the end of the week, a video of the neighbours, singing in the hit-time is the joy of life.

“You can’t let the grief take time. In the house, calling from joy,” she wrote. The post has millions of views and the famous have a lot of comments on it. “I’m in goose bumps,” he said of the Black knight: “I’m going to the whole! God, help us to keep up, to get the mind healthy,” said Julie Paiva.

Hattusa Anitta

Hattusa Anitta has made, with a marathon of life, and in your social networks. On Friday (20), and an online course in French, along with his followers, and last Sunday (22.) had his fifth full-length studio album is already finished, but the funkeira also was not able to hear.

“You had everything, and now we are editing all the images. We will give as soon as possible to generate entertaining and make you stay at home,” said the powerful to their followers.

She has also left its influence in the social media networks, raising awareness of the much as the people do, your house, it is a trend that has made the world by a large number of artists such as Beyonce and Rihanna.


Ludmilla has a small show on a Sunday live direct on your Youtube channel. “Our quarantine is the worst of it,” the funkeira, bring fans to their feet.

Invited he sang the big hits of the pagoda, as for The Stupid, I’m the one and she Is Crazy about Me…. The post has over 150 thousand views in less than 24 hours, and is in thousands of thousands of comments on them.

Marina Ruy Barbosa

Marina Ruy Barbosa was placed under quarantine, to share in Los Angeles, California in the United States, taking advantage of the moment, in the chapel of the new coronavirus with your own followers, their taste in television.

“I don’t think you can, you can use this time to catch up on a few things: you need to clean up the house, learn new recipes, to read this book, is kept in your home, and you’re not done yet,” he said of the actress, stating in productions such as “Big Little eyes Read that Damned” and ” The Morning Show.

Bruna Marquezine

Bruna Marquezine back to the physical activities to life with their personal and Chico at the last moment, as it was a month ago, with no training. “This is the only way that I work I have found for me. If you don ‘T have someone, he said looking at it, I’m not a military”.

She explained that it was in the first week of the quarantine, and lie down, accompanied by the BBB20, and videos for his fans. On Friday, he admitted that he returned the following funkeira Hattusa Anitta.

“My heart skipped a beat when I heard that you have to France (via the internet). I have to go, like me, learn French,” said the artist, with a touch of humor.


Eliana took to the social network at the end of Sunday to order his followers to remain at home, prevent the progress of the new coronavirus in the country. “It seems that Brazil, unfortunately, Wake up. It seems that our people are wonderful, and to fight, full of determination to overcome, and real sleep. People, the curfew is now,” he said. “Leave them alone, the people who don’t (don’t have to work that they work), to walk,” he said.

“This is a request, in obedience to the order of whomever you want in the USA. Studies have shown that from today until next Sunday, stay with us, in our house,” she said. “And it is not enough to get up to the door of the hospital and you ask for help, because they have no place,” he said.

Antônia Fontenelle

Antônia Fontenelle is asked to take care of his followers, because the brand new coronavirus, and also due to the Association of the Brazilian population. But at the last moment, she lost her temper with a member of the Parliament of the Federal state of São Paulo, the Protagonist Paschoal, for the defendant to engage in politics.

The actress said, about a life that the lawyer with conduct that is dirty and against the President of the Republic, Jair, jair bolsonaro. “Janaina, that thing is just ugly, what a disappointment, the country is going through a problem is the extreme, and the world, and, you know, but we are talking about our country and our families from the interior of the house is locked up,” he said.

“You’re smart, the architecture, the President at that time, to go back where we have to this larger issue”, has removed it. “It gives you a grace period, is the most human and the least disrespectful to you, and he finally came out of the same basket. The shame, of mercy, of how much of a coward,” said delgado.

Geisy Arruda

The strengthening of the Geisy Arruda was placed under quarantine, and has tried in the social media, leading his fans into a frenzy. She shared it with her followers on Sunday with a photo, your back, wearing only a top, very short black and a small g-string.

“Delicious,” he wrote a number of users. Famous also appears that the ground stump and made it a point to show her tan line, she left all gasping for air. “Nice,” he said to another profile.

Juliana Paes

Juliana Paes has continued to work on the house, to the family at this time in the quarantine. “We are all of the staff, and I tip that we’ll take care of all of the house work. There you have it, that it’s hard, but you have the privilege to stay at home,” he said in the interview, if you have It at home, on the last Saturday (on the 21st).

“In the first instance, you get the feeling as if it was a big sacrifice, and it does not stop. But I think that in this moment, who can stay in the house, you need to understand this as a great opportunity. It is just boring. We want to go out to, to enjoy, to meet friends,” he said.

Recently, she published a photo in the stories, with a broom in hand, return to his house. On Sunday, the actress a video of you doing exercises with a husband and two children.


Iza is also another artist, the cut-off by the coronavirus, and trying to help from a variety of options, the time. The singer shared with her followers on Instagram, by the end of the week, a video of the dishes in her bikini, and singing Back to Black by Amy Winehouse.

The artist has also released a video to his niece to play the guitar, and he suggested that his followers with an influx of re-entering a few talents, and with the BBB20, to his fans for their love scenes.

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