Newspaper-the island is a book by Woody Allen, it shows how the culture of the cancellation of a threat to our well-being


At the beginning of this month, the publisher, Hachette Book Group, has announced that it is the autobiography of Woody Allen’s “Apropos of Nothing” published. Those days are long gone, in which people think of other issues, but with the Corona Virus, the announcement caused an uproar.

Journalist Ronan Farrow, the son of Allen and who is the film-maker is paying too much attention, he also criticized the decision and said it would be the end of their own relationship with the record company Employees of Hachette, which led to a protest to leave the company offices in New York and Boston. For the company, it took only a few days, the pressure.

“After listening to it, we came to the conclusion, you can proceed with the publication would not have been possible for the TARUS,” he said to the label, a spokesman said.

Note how often in today’s culture of the discharge is carried out, in the language of smoothing to the “listener”. You note something else: it desancado although almost no one read, and certainly not as a criticism of violent.

“Sentence first, then the verdict will be announced later,” it should be the kind of thing that happened in “Alice’s adventures in Wonderland”, and it’s not like this is an attempt to literature in the United States

My own bias is strongly in favour of the publication, both as a matter of principle and in the interest of the public. This is, of course, Woody Allen is my friend, and superficial; we are not friends, but we have friends in common. As should be clear, too: I’m a member of a jury, with a prize for broadcast journalism for Ronan, for his research on Harvey Weinstein.

But, to me, to ensure that the reviewers have a reason, I decided to ask for a book and read it. What I found out: it is very, very good. As Allen writes in as well. It’s humor is almost on every page.

Woody Allen is a presence that is creative, important on the stage of the arts / american for the last 60 years, so the cast of characters is great. The background is filled Chalamet with the likes of Ed Sullivan and Dick Cavett, Johnny Carson, ” Pauline Kael, Scarlett Johansson, and Timothée. The first plan of Louise Lasser, Diane Keaton and Mia Farrow.

The story of how it All was a big hit in the mid-1950s and in the 1960s was to a large part for me and very interesting. Equally fascinating are the details about the films, the continued cultural attractions for hundreds of millions of people”, “bananas” and “Annie Hall” in “husbands and wives”, and “End-Point – Match Point.were

Nevertheless, the most interesting thing about the book is the report of the is what All in his relationship with Mia Farrow, and, even more, the destruction of the relationship. As the reader probably already know, this is after farrowing, to find out about their relationship, Allen’s adopted daughter (though not All) Soon-Yi Previn, wife of woody Allen, the then-21-year-old.

Then Farrow accused need All the abuse you sexually, the adopted daughter of the two of you, Dylan Farrow, who was seven years old at the time, and during a visit he made to the house in 1992. Woody Allen actually made? He has always denied this strongly, and never was indicted, criminally, to do it, and the two studies and the formal-conducted by the Yale-New Haven Hospital, and the other by the State Department of Social Services of New York, the exoneraram.

For his part, Dylan has insisted that the accusation is well-founded, as well as the claims of Ronan, which he describes as “an allegation worthy of credit, maintained for nearly three decades, is confirmed by the reports and the evidence of contemporaries”. None of us ever know what the truth is.

To believe the people who tend to be that Dylan would say, you should, at least, the first book in the second hand made by a brother, Moses Farrow read. Also, those who think tend to be Woody Allen, you should read the decision of judge Elliott Wilk ‘ s, if that care is denied All rights to Moses, Dylan and Ronan. This is the one that requires to give you the independence of a free society, both parties have the right to listen to your arguments, both with an open mind, and extend the presumption of innocence, the one who is judged, whether in the court or in the court of public opinion.

To do something does not mean respect for the feelings of the victims. This means prejulgar, on the basis of information which is incomplete, who are the actual victims. This is a two-way street, by the way. In the book, All of the claims that Mia Farrow is not only promoted to the brainwashing, I’ll take you to believe that he abused had been, as it accounted for some of their adopted children, the physical and emotional, as well as the allegations that the full support of Moses and Soon-Yi.

In one case, according to Moses, the Mia had heard all the talk of his son has taken away the lives of the poor, Thaddeus, “in a shed from the house, due to a breach of no importance.” If you, Mia, Dylan, or Ronan Farrow should be a book in writing, reject the accusations of woody Allen, and the publisher buys the book and then its publication was at the last moment, it would be triggered certainly expressions of indignation. And it would be justified.

So that’s all that matters in this moment is dominated by the coronavirus? The answer is not because it is censorship —of the Corn is a business, and you need to consider your market, how Woody Allen has the right to the book to another publisher (the book was published by Arcade Publishing).

In the answer, nor is it a book is a treasure trove of literature of inestimable value, that it is only again to the public. No matter how much I might have, but it is not.

All of this is important, because the culture of cancellation is a threat to our collective well-being in a variety of ways and is the key to the insulation, the investigate on the people of the desert, the rejection of evidence, the drawing is in contradiction to what we believe, and to take account of opposing points of view, the practice of automatically an equivalence between the accusation and the guilt of the acuamento of the people who are responsible for the preservation of the institutions of liberal culture, the growing power of the mob, to digital, and the fear of the mobs on anyone who dares to oppose his opinions, or to dare to be able to Express a point of view to be unorthodox.

This threat attack the essence of the habits of a free society. Seen by itself, the drama of Woody Allen, it’s just a mess of no meaning, in the middle of the crisis. In terms of the broader questions it raises, is it a symptom of incentives for the current state of our core.

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