Night with dance and emotion: Jennifer Lopez celebrated the birthday of their mother in the middle of the show


Jennifer Lopez a good relationship with your mother Guadalupe Rodríguezwho usually accompany them at their shows. For this reason, the songs and the choreographies, which leads his daughter on the stage, know by heart.

This Thursday, the artists surprised their fans with the friends, in concert with the woman who was his great support. “My number one fan is here tonight for his birthday. Plug-in hi, to my mom,”announced JLo and Guadalupe climbed on to the stage, accompanied by a couple of dancers.

Mother and daughter danced and sang together the cheers of thousands of people, which, as you can see in the video, which Lopez posted on his official Instagram. Then, the lady was 74 years, blew the candles from the cake, they brought to him and embraced with the interpreter.

“People ask me where I draw my energy, my urge, my dance moves… well you know, Guadeloupe, and my mother… ever since I can remember, I could see, dance, laugh, and brighten up any room in which I was“wrote the diva of the Bronx in the social network in addition to the video, until now had 4.705.144 reproductions.

“She is the definition of youth and timeless is, at all times… she loves the music, the movies, the story, the music and believes in true love. You gave me a hell of all of this… you made Me who I am today,” said the interpreter, the movie Crooks was nominated as best supporting actress at the Golden globes.

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“Mom, today 74 years, you’re more beautiful than ever, livelier than ever, and you dance as if you Thank a teenager… that you thank me so you, you run for everything, for you, there are not enough words to be. I love you for always. Happy birthday to you”the singer was.

A few months ago, JLo’s a fun interview with him published on his Youtube channel, the twins Emme and Max led, the result of his relationship with Marc Anthony. During the chat, the guys asked him about their grandmother Guadalupe. “It was a mother very young, married for 20 years. Mother was immediately married only 11 months later. 26, because we had all three (daughters). As you can imagine?”she told the artist.

In addition, he assured that, when I was a kid used to be quite uneasy and also they reported that you fled from your house. “My room was on the second floor and had a small blanket in the vicinity, so brincaba this roof and found a ladder, and down, without making a noise. When my mother sent me to my room, punished, put me to listen to music, but it bored me and I went with my friends”. But his mother knew that her daughter went, and caught you. Beyond this anecdote, Jennifer pointed out that Guadalupe was “funny and amazing”.