Oh, Brutal! Beyoncé has a double bed and there is no ability to differentiate!


We all have a doublewe have heard it a thousand times and apparently, it will be true. No matter in which corner of the world, or in what corner of the universe, surely there is someone with the same characteristics, that you. Or Beyoncé. And the singer is a duplicate… I clavadito to her.

In little more than a week, the singer it has been seen, replicated as if by magic, and in two different people what is debt to his reputation?

First a lady was on the in the process, caught stealing a vehicle and the identify was good to see that it is the real Beyoncé, the artist, the singer, with head to the world. And to tell you the truth, the similarity with the singer, shone by their absence… but the detainees swore to be the famous!

And now, a few days after the wrong clonethe singer left again a double more in her entire repertoire of clones, but this time with a little more sense.

Blue Ivy is the authentic portrait of Beyoncé. Blue is like his mother, when the two had the same age it is impossible to determine who the original is on these photos!

Or would you be able to distinguish who is who?

The own interpreter who was she has her daughter back to the worldto check although this time to ourselves, whether the similarity between mother and daughter is similar as two drops of water… right?

The singer can save the display of publications with your family and, in particular, with Ivy. Today, this is similar to, but often are accessories leads the girls, lead you to the reviews for all of his followers. And not by a lack of taste, but rather by the price was a singer of the ornaments that you have chosen, the.

Sure you are glad that you mention the similarity with his daughter and not with criminals, like you, although for anyone who is sure he is accustomed to, and more…!



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