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Paula Burlamaqui: the new look of Felipe Freitas || Credit: playback/ Instagram

Paula Burlamaqui is a poster with “I’m going to Stop, to Be Happy, to be Sad?”, under the direction of Jorge Farjalla, in the theatre of the arts in Rio de janeiro. In the piece, the character of their suffering in order to love someone else, more young, and the son to be older than her friend, in the negative. You have to wonder if Paula has stopped, afraid to see him… “Now. In today’s day and would not let them, do not let go. But you have to date a younger person because of their fear… “Oh, I’m going to be old, and he’s going to get me to drop… I’ve had this, although my friend is 13 years younger than I am.” Oh, and by the way, you have to warn you, “My friend is the Job of the actor days, and it is not my Director. Dei um selinho on the Farjalla on the field and have already posted that I’m with him. These people are crazy.”

“I would love to have as man is born.”

Back to the theme of the story. “If a man is with a younger woman, people think it is normal. The man can do absolutely everything. I wish I would have born as a man. Women’s little he can just see it with a bias, although, increasingly, The world is becoming aware of the fact that it doesn’t matter the gender, color and age. The tragedies in the drama of the conflict of love and stories that you have experienced extenuating circumstances, the negotiation will be shown… It is a universal theme”.

“He told me, get educated a little bit”

If the age difference is good, and when not to? “My first husband, Jorge Guimarães, was 10 years older than I, and it was wonderful. He had a lot of experience and it showed me a world a boy my age to be able to, with the 20-plus years. I have a lot of time with him, I brought him up a little. I was a fast-paced, a more Mature, for the sake of it. On the other hand, never has a boy been dated in the 20-something age I am now, over 50 years old. I don’t know how it would be.”

“This is the beginning of the end.”

The show talks about the different phases of a relationship. So, Paula, why is it more difficult? “In life the most difficult to overcome what the routine is. A couple must have in order to plans to build a house, have children, go on a trip. You have to always be planning something. If the plans in the end, you will be living, sleeping person. This is the beginning of the end. The passion that you have for a long time. After it turns into a love that needs to be looked after. If it’s not, it’s hard. In the piece, the harder it is to overcome this problem, this is the son, the love of your life, up to love, it seemed, did not want to accept this situation. It’s more of an old man, the boyfriend of the mother, and is very biased”.

“It is unfair to decide.”

This is Paula, on the skin of the character, would you do it? “It is worth not to give up, the love of the people for anything, not even for the will, the judgment of the son. You have to try until the very end. It is unfair to decide…. the love of a son, girlfriend, boyfriend… everyone is different. We allow the slope to the side, in order to be happy? Love is so rare in this life… and The coolest thing is that the story is told, in the arena of the circus. And there is no love more pure and innocent than a clown. The clown is like a child.”

“I don’t believe in surrogacy”

Asked if the actress, lives in such a dilemma with his son on the card, and commented on what a couple needs to plan to have a child – I never wanted to be pregnant. “I’ve wanted marriage for a very long time in my. But it was not to be. Dancing with the mismatch… and Then, when I went, they didn’t want to get married, have a child… the time, I thought that… But it didn’t happen to me. passed… And congelei my eggs. Sometimes I think about artificial insemination, in the case of surrogacy, I know, we’ll see.”

“I have to be afraid of the older”

Paula, who has always been seen as a muse, you are afraid of getting older? “I’m sure of it. I am very proud of it. But, to take care of me. I don’t drink much, and working every day… I do what is in my reach”.

Caetano veloso is worth more than a man?

Caetano Veloso was sitting in the audience at the premiere. A long-term friend… For me it was very important, because I sing it in the game. Want to said he, I can’t sing everything… But it is the Farjalla is not to give up. Moon-White’, Chiquinha Gonzaga, a great deal of responsibility And Caetano came to me and said sing ‘, ‘you are not desafinou no time’. He was fond of the piece. A friend is worth more than a man? “It’s like the saying:” you get all the rings on the fingers’. All the husbands and Boyfriends go, your friends are… A friend you can be more than just a husband, a friend, Yes.”

“… take the glory of the saucer…”

Paula, you’re done with this show. In this way, it meets the most what to do in a novel, for example? “Theatre for me is in the class. On the TV, if you have to, to take the managing director, you lead. It was a bad time, repeat as often as you need. The theatre, it’s not. Therefore, I say to you, take away from the glory of the saucer, which is wonderful, and don’t do drama, all the actor needs.” (Michelle Licory)

Below, take a sneak peek of the “I’m going to Stop, to Be Happy, to be Sad?”!



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