Photo Jennifer Lopez looks different, with a whole new look


Jennifer Lopez, also known comor JLo is one of the celebrities who has for a long time attracted the attention of a movement, you see her face distito recently.

Every movement that they performs, as it is a outfit lush or not, an issue that you make, immediately circulating in social networks.

Without a doubt, if more in the eye of the hurricane it is time that changes his look on this occasion he changed his hairstyle and looks different.

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Your new hairstyle looks more short and smooth, the look expect the top how to, there are those who have the new appearance of the singer, and also people who may not like to celebrate what they have done, namely, to the publications he made.

But your new hairstyle, you can go hand in hand with a new look on her face, because not only your hair has the attention of his admirers, although few actually represented the view, visited plastic surgeon.

According to your photos, many people suggest that the interpreter, “Play” was a few tweaksthat you used , maybe minimal, but it has done something, maybe, botox or hyaluronic acid, and still not be able to identify your fans, but “Jennifer did something”.


The rain comments started show a change is already in place for Lopez, since they are far from positive reviews, many were quite the opposite.

The highlights were that she didn’t look like you, and if you ruin, so, perhaps, her pretty face would be, such comments can be viewed in the forums and social networks, where circulate the photos.

Recently Jennifer Lopez he found Tom Hanks in the same event, when she saw him enter the place, he stuck out a scream and began to greet him.

When she was with a group of women, the actor has the character that you are waiting to greet all the girls, with whom he, hug and kiss for each, but if you what a greeting kiss on it rooms are clean, the cheek with his hand.

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