Player Fortnite want to avoid the possibility of certain players in their meczch


In the community, Fortnite, a new, quite interesting offer.

In Fortnite, there are a few problems that solved were never up to the end. One of them debit streamerów and youtuberów is by the way, during your broadcast.

So-called “Stream ” Sniper” very few interfere with the game, and despite the many Tools from Epic Games, the Problem is resolved.

The prevention of the players in Fortnite

Now Ninja and Sypher2k come up with an Initiative to Fortnite new variant found. Here it comes to the avoidance of certain players, the liquidated us. According to the Plan, it would be to solve the Problem with stream snipowaniem.


Something similar applies in Overwatch, and only allies will not. Here it goes to the opponent, causing some doubts. The players probably używaliby the force, but not to play, especially against more of each other.

Up to the Limit of the people, we can avoid to be seized, perhaps it would be in a limited edition only for recognised partners of Epic Games. Only here, Cheats you could use for freeloaders, abusing his Videos without people who may be better than you.

In the past, some have used even with new accounts, just not directly to the experienced people. It was also popular in Poland, back can easily. Although the idea seems to be correct, the idea is pretty bad, at least not in the Form proposed.



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