Revelation of the intimate Flayslane hits, and the fans show harassment to the so · the news on TV


The first party of the BBB20 it was full of bafos. Some of the brothers have a drink at the place of alcohol. Flayslane has proven that it is not a filter, if you are drunk. To explain, for him, hen that is a kiss, a Greek, and it can be used in a language, it is a very popular time to explain, to hug you, and even said bluntly: “for me it is a joy to the man.”

It is not the only one who had a moment, in a controversial move, the during the early morning hours of Saturday (25. May). Those who attended the event or saw it on the social networks the video of the supposed prank of the Petrix Barbosa, Bianca Andrade, at the mouth, Stood up, pointed to the case of harassment.

The young man shook to strengthen, to see her Boobs, the great shaking, and ended up touching part of her Breasts. A lot of people are calling for the expulsion of the brother from the house, the most watched in the country.

Already in the conversation racy is about the kiss in Greek and showed that Flayslane to lead you to each and every party such as the interior of the containment. The conversation turned to the round, during the celebration. For those who don’t know, the members of the group had spoken with a bowl of Popcorn, about sexual preferences in the night of Wednesday (22), the reveal also, whether you like it or not, the affection of the anus.

Lukas Henne, he was not able to understand what it was to kiss, Greek. “It is the finger-in-the-hole,” he cried, Flayslaine. The other sisters wanted to know whether the young man had never done before. “I have not spoken, what I never did, I said that I knew what it was,” said the physiotherapist.

The singer of paraiba sent it to Luke to write for your girlfriend to do it. “It is the best thing,” he said. A girl back that is another thing,” despistou the young man. At the same time, the participants come to, and cried out, “It has come to acquire, of course,” in reference to the subject matter, the effects outside of the house.

The fight against the old

The other bafão of the party “black-and-white” rolled between Bianca Andrade and Rafa Kali man. Great, the mouth, the Rose has come to ask for the creation of the program, from the reality. The two knew each other ignore from before, from BBB, and the strengthening and accused Rafael of her during the party. “I don’t need to accept everything to my business, but I’m glad that things are resolved,” said Bianca.

“Don’t fall in, you urge me,” because everyone knows, went on the walk. Changed, around the mouth, Rose, had to be assisted by Maria Gonzalez. She went in the house.

“I am not obliged to listen. Please be in production, I shoot. I’m not in it to get used to as a catty. This intersection point is the catty, I just wanted to talk with her. She is not a Saint, and she is sacred. You want to me, I was the villain, so I prefer to get out of here”, fumed Karen.



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