Rihanna, he donated five million and the actress from Lost is not isolated,


The pandemic generates cracks even the most well-known. Although perhaps still know, Rihanna is on the sidewalk in the opposite Evangeline Lilly, not more and not less, than that reminder, Kate, from the series “Lost”. Is that, while the singers have committed $ 5 million to the cause of the coronavirus, the said actress, that the quarantine is because they are “the freedom, about the life”. Another crack more, but with the health.

The canadian Evangeline Lilly threw a go-getter message against the quarantine. In the social networks provided that you prefer to live the “freedom to” and, therefore, not fulfilled, in quarantine, recommended by the coronavirus of the authorities of the United States, where he lives, was published by the Efe Agency.

This was done in accordance with the Declaration, who’s your buddy in the popular series, Daniel Dae Kim, who announced yesterday that she was ill, the disease. After posting a photo on Instagram with a message that said that let their children in a gym and wearing a normal routine, hundreds of fans called into question, his reaction to the crisis caused by the pandemic.

The actress responded to the comments of the government of the United States would like to impose controls in the population.”Some people appreciate your life, about the freedom, others prefer the freedom over your life. We make all of our decisions. With love and respect,” said Lilly, in its reply, received to sell hundreds of comments as a detriment to the health of the community.

“At the moment we are very close to the state of emergency (state of war) for my taste,” said the main cast of “Lost” and the movie franchise of “the Avengers”, before the reduction of the impact of the Covid-19 and refer to it simply as “the flu, respiratory tract”.

“All because of a flu to respiratory. It’s confusing,” she stated, without regard to the report of the world health organization (WHO), revealed that it died, hundreds of thousands of new infections in the world and thousands of people.

To the extent that, the singer Rihanna, born in Barbados and based in London, has donated 5 million dollars to combat the coronavirus, the Clara Lionel Foundation, which he founded and presides. In the opposite line to Evangeline Lilly with a high-profile solidarity, the singer, the 32-year-old stressed that with this money, some municipalities are in high risk with more medical devices, and dietary supplements, and the pandemic is plaguing the planet.

“We have Covid-19 replied, and $ 5 million donated for the preparation of communities vulnerable medicine, computers, and access to food,” said Rihanna via your social networks. In this way, the artist connects to other celebrities who have donated money for the fight against this virus, and Ryan Reynolds, Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Miley Cyrus.



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