Rihanna the donation of 5 million dollars through his Foundation to combat coronavirus was


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Rihanna do not think that the coronavirus you win life, so he decided to donate million various organizations in the world.


In view of the rapid spread of the COVID-19 in different countries of the world borders have been, and put preventive measures such as quarantines and social distance.

The situation was so criticism in some regions, some artists began, in many ways, support.

The productions Grey’s Anatomy and the other series on medicine they decided to donate their supplies to help the fight against the disease.

Also Amazonis one of the largest companies in the world, said thousands of jobs due to the growth in shopping on the internet would.

And also the celebrities are looking to help with concerts, or online donations to organizations that truly need it.

This was the case, the super-star, Rihannawho supported you 5 million dollars in the fight against the coronavirus.

The singer donated the money over the Foundation created in 2012, and named after their grandparents.


The Clara Lionel Foundation he shared the message on social networks and some of the organizations responded in a grateful gesture.

“We have COVID-19 responded to distribute 5 million in grants for partners in health, relief, Live, Powered, America, International Rescue Committee, World Health organization, and Barbadosto eat to prepare for the municipalities with protection equipment, supplements, doctors, as well as computer and access to the various Nations and regions”.

With the release of Instagram, some of the organizations it is involved in the help Rihanna and her Foundation.


How International Rescue committeepublished the following message:

“Our deepest gratitude for this generous and criticism donation in response #COVID19. While the coronavirus groups and those living in crisis affected most of the spreads further out of the total vulnerable population, and thanks to this help we can provide prevention of infection”.


The message was spread in social networks that Rihanna would donation for fan in her home country of Barbados.

“Nothing but respect for Rihanna, the President of the whole planet”.

This kind of actions that make a big difference in this great battle against the infection in the world.

It Rihanna protect on the entire coast!

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