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Not to hide it from their homes or hotels, in quarantine, to outstanding personalities in the musical world, his concern about the rise, without breaks, the dreaded coronavirus. Shakira calls for the world’s leading implement of the 15 days to social isolation, Cardi B is obligated to donate money earned, and a song about the coronavirus, stranding far from Madrid, Natalia Jiménez throws a topic, the “way of the soul”, Elvis Crespo, Gloria Trevi, recommend books, to the quarantine of the coronavirus and the Cuba prompted American singer Omara Portuondo, in the washing of the hands against the Covid-19. EFE

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The Colombian singer Shakira urged the political leaders that they will implement in their countries the “social distance” many ” end of 15 days, to prevent, to expand the coronavirus in the regions, where it happened in a few cases, in contrast to what is in Europe. “In the countries In which they now have, only in a few cases, need to learn from the mistakes that we have to pay in European countries, where the measures came too late, instemos our leaders to implement a 15-day social distance at the end,” said the Colombian in a video on your social networks.

The topic of the moment is
The Spanish singer Natalia Jimenez started a new topic on The left side of the bed, a ballad, represents the moment of fear, you live by the pandemic of the Covid-19, the staff is to be sharpened to, far away from Madrid, and separated from their family. Jiménez was in Spain, where, with its operating profit, because they couldn’t risk infecting their parents. But he decided not to return to his home in Miami, because, as he said, want to also not sick, your daughter and your husband. The quarantine spends in an aparthotel in Mexico.

Donates their profits
The rapper Cardi B undertook to donate the proceeds from a remix, the audio from a viral video of Instagram, in which she warned, with his characteristic style, of the dangers of coronavirus. His message, which was in a song for their fans to stay at home, before the rise of the Covid-19, he turned in a song called ” Coronavirus, the last Friday, reached the fourth place, the songs of hip-hop and more, in the list of iTunes. “Yes! This is what we do! Please note that you will receive the money immediately. Even within a couple of months, it is families with financial problems will be dismissed because of the virus. What donaremos!”, he added.

The singer Elvis Crespo showed on Instagram is “happy” that this time, you have the chance to make further progress in the reading of don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes, a book that assures that they are “captured” and came to identify. When he realized that it was a very long, suggested that those readings are shorter, The four agreements by the Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz and The alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The Mexican singer Gloria Trevi showed that the book to anyone who wants to enjoy advises you, is the reading ” one Hundred years of solitude. “Do you not think that is irony, but the truth is, a great book by Gabriel García Márquez,” he said.

Desire to wash-hands
The Cuban singer Omara Portuondo, known as the Diva of Buenavista Social Club, joined in with your example of the campaigns that you recommend, the washing of hands as one of the effective measures against the coronavirus. In a video on your account of Facebook, advises you: “do You know what Omara says. Have to wash hands with soap and water., to prevent coronavirus”.



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