You will be surprised to be insured, you will be confused, and from home

Once more conquered. Yoki Mariate towers Bardales (22), alias “Shakira” was caught red-handed in an apartment. The owner of the property retained is until the arrival of the police. Try before justified, the insured, that confused. On Board, a police officer, eu Commissioner for Iquitos thrust.

Sunday morning, the neighbours of the junction of the roads Putumayo with Tacna, a district of Iquitos called surprise, the emergency number of the police nationale, a steals houses within an apartment. To home police forces came to the eu Commissioner for Iquitos, which were held Yoki Mariate Torres, who is known for the alias Shakira and has a wide history of the theft of houses.

The family were injured, said left their door open, to save your vehicles to took advantage of this time, the boy, who went by the alley. After a few minutes they heard the cry of one of her daughters while running the alleged stealing of the houses had contained in his possession a bag of different things.

The alleged thief was to climb on a patrol of the national police, and carried, the eu Commissioner for Iquitos. Up in the place of a representative of the family was injured, who I suit the young, because on a previous occasion, the victims of the robbery were, and you wrote those past situation.

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