The brutal response from Rihanna Trump massacre racist step


While politicians, such as the candidate demócráta Beto O’rourke, or the U.S. senator from New Jersey, and prior to the presidency, Cory Booker, claiming that the President of the United States is a “nationalist white”, whose tweets and racist rhetoric have promoted events such as the massacre racist –by-step where on Saturday have been killed, 20 people to a shooter, Rihanna has also popped against Donald Trump after two shootings in a few hours difference in Texas and Ohio, and a few days ago in California. The artist he quoted a tweet where Trump, the shooting referred to in Texas as “an act of cowardice” and claimed that it did not describe the wrong, as an “act of terrorism”. “Oh, Donald Trump, deletreaste evil “terrorism”! Your country was followed by two terrorist attacks almost, they took the lives of nearly 30 innocent people,” she wrote in their networks.

The Barbados total of the will, a change of the legislation on weapons and ensures that the tragedy occurred only days after an attack in California”, and criticised the ease with which you can see the weapons in the United States. “The murderer was able to legally purchase an assault rifle, in Las Vegas, drive a few hours to a food festival in California and you leave six dead, including a baby,” he wrote. “I’ll introduce you to a world where it is easier to get an AK-47, the a visa!” Oh, imagine a world where you have to build a wall around terrorists in America!”. The singer expressed his condolences with the families and relatives of the victims: “My prayers and deepest condolences for the families and loved ones of the victims in Texas, California and Ohio. I’m sorry for your losses. Nobody deserves to die like that. No-one”.

The artist and entrepreneur was the person known to you has been hard loaded, against the President, but other celebrities also shared, to complain about news, what happened, and the plea for a change in the legislation in relation to the possession of weapons such as Reese Witherspoon, Lili Reinhart, or Nick Jonas:

“There are no words. My heart breaks for the friends and relatives of the victims in The step. I pray for all of you. We need to do more to stop this violence and weapons,” wrote the actor and producer Big Little Lies. Hours later, writing: “I Wake up with the news of the shooting in Dayton. Without losing the sense, all this life is already unbearable. What if our representatives give, the mind of the people in this country are the laws with common sense that we all have? I call my former. Again.”

The prayers, and the prayers that came in the case of the conventional condolences of the celebrity “by we need a change” in the Nick Jonas, singer of the Jonas Brothers.

“I’m sick of what is happening in The step today. I can’t believe all of this happened in my country, and no one was doing anything about it. Who’s to die, the execution of laws by the exchange?“wrote the actress, known for playing Betty Cooper in the series Riverdale.

Mandy Moorealso, the actress wrote: “Every member of Congress who is not trained actively in the struggle for a reform of the security and weapons, to represent you. Point. The inaction is reprehensible. How two murders in 24 hours? We can not allow you to go through.”



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