The father of Angelina Jolie at the commemoration of the so-called “five-minute” the hand of the daughter of the


In spite of the well-known relationship, it looks like the actor Jon Voight enjoy the company of her daughter, the actress Angelina Jolie is excited still.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jon Voight speaks about his relationship with Angelina Jolie and their children, the children in the show.

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“It is wonderful to spend some time with Angie. Every five minutes I get, I am very grateful for that, so it’s great to be able to go on a trip for a little while with her and the children so well,” said the actor 80 years old.

Jon Voight also spoke of his admiration for the work of Angelina Jolie, which goes beyond the parent-child relationship.

“I’m a parent and a fan. Like all great actors, and Angelina your very own, unique approach, and, you know, it is a collection of findings. It is a very, very strong about it. When it comes to a set, is completely at ease. She knows what she wants,” said the star.

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Angelina Jolie and her father, he broke the relationship in the year 2002, when Jon Voight declared that she was his “mental health problems”. In 2009, the two established a relationship and are still in the vicinity.

Jon Voight is known mainly for his role in ” a bittersweet homecoming, which won him the academy award for Best actor in the year 1978.

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Angelina Jolie seen for the mistress of Evil, which debuts may be, the Evil: on 17. October. In the following year, the actress made her debut on the 6 is at The Eternal Marvel,. November in the year 2020.