The first night in the Box, the rescuer, the Stokes, in the Bahia state


The cuisine of bahia, rich in tastes and colors, you will save space on the 5., the Chef’s Table dinners are unique, signed by the heads of the national and international level. The event, which will take place on 18 and 19 March, she joined the programming for the gourmet Grand chief of the Grand Hyatt hotel in São Paulo. For the question of celebrating the state of Bahia, and the dinners are to be signed by the chef, Good to read, and the chief patissiere Lisiane upstairs, the officers responsible for the award-winning restaurants of the origin, rise, and the Mini-gem in the city.

The partnership between the chefs and a great offer for all of its restaurants. In the year 2018 and 2019 at the latest, the source of award from Veja magazine eating & Drinking, the Savior received into one of three categories: a Better city, a Better Varied/Contemporary-chef of the year. For the same award in the year 2019, the Orion is the category of Restaurant and revelation won. The success is a direct result of the work, defined by them as “a combination of skill, memory and light-hearted, the invention of tradition”. And it is these qualities, you are at a dinner at the Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo, Brazil.

For the first time, the menu, the chef at the table is inspired by one of the main ingredients of the cuisine of bahia: of the corn. The dish is served with a crispy corn-black), corn, roast, most, white corn, popcorn, and a Béarnaise Sauce red wine in front of the gate. Among the main courses, the traditional meat is in the pan with the cake in cassava mash and caramelized onions, and pickled red onions. To close the menu, and the chief patissiere display, “love”, a chocolate mousse, sweet sparkling wine, the sweets of the Bulgarian red velvet, gel, honey, cocoa, and a granita of red berries.

Menu 5 Chef’s Table

The 1. Time

Crispy corn-and-black, roasted corn, pamonha, corn, white popcorn, red wine Béarnaise Sauce

The 2. Time

Crispy fried pork belly with shrimp, vinaigrette, mango, green

The 3. Time

Mix the tomatoes, olive oil, Basil, mousse, cheese, water, cucumber, tuile coal

4. Time

The fish, the broth from rabada, hearts of palm, olive oil, sweet pepper

The 5. Time

Ravioli, swiss chard, and lobster, the shepherd of the couscous, cream, half-and-curing, and demi

6. Time

The meat from the pan, and the top-of-the cassava mash and caramelized onions, pickled red onions

The 7. Time

Cheese cake de caja, crunchy chocolate and mango with passion fruit and mint or dried

The 8. Time

LOVE | chocolate Mousse, sweet sparkling wine, the sweets of the Bulgarian red velvet, gel, honey, cocoa, and a granita of red berries

In the event, the chef’s Table 30 at the Grand Hyatt is from 19: in Sao Paulo, Brazil. The value of the voucher for each day is$ 190 dollars per person. For more information about the schedule of the Grand-Chef – Chef’s Table, please go to the web site of Grand Hyatt Sao Paulo, or call (11) 2838-3203.



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