The lion reigns, but Beyonce ruled


Many of his supporters claim that if it were to be digitized even more space to Beyoncé on the new animated version, and photo-realistic, the classics of Disney The lion king. In addition, you put your voice and interpretation of the amigovia of the main character Simba, the singer does the album as a companion to the film called The Gift a “gift” for the many lovers of history, is a hit on Broadway since 1997.

In addition, they sing in the single Spirit appears on the screen, for example, produced different artists from nigeria and famous names from the hip hop like Donald Glover (voice of Simba), Pharrell, Kendrick Lamar, and even her own husband, the mega-producer Jay-

Beyoncé, whose assets, according to Forbes not comes to the $ 400 million, clearly he needed the salary of Disney, but says the film’s Director Jon Favreau who wanted to participate, this new version of the hit animated 1994, to share the experience with their small children.

This author had the opportunity to get in on the action with the cast of the film two weeks ago in Los Angeles. Beyoncé shone by its absence, and never the idiom is authentic. All journalists, we asked you, your colleagues, cast for you, the protagonist, stuck the faltazo. Most of the only had seen when they were together on a historic photo or the movie premiere in Hollywood, in which he dressed, with mirrors in perfect combination with his daughter, Blue Ivy, to the lyrics of a song The Gift.

The singer interpreted (and according to the Director, what he did, by the most out of your arsenal dramatically) to the lioness Nala, the girl is the best friend of Simba and large, it’s looking, into exile, to go, to take his place as the king of the herd ascended and their uncle, the evil Scar.

Had already acted before you in Dreamgirlsand in one of the saga Austin Powersbut here, also took to offer your musical talent; to cure, to produce and act in the album The Gift,, where is the concept of afro-beat to the masses.

Beyoncé reigned but did not come to the press conference, nor gave any personal interviews with the media, the him on the red carpet, the Hollywood and London, where he can RUB elbows with the Californian actress Meghan Markle, today in the British Royal house since married to Prince Harry. “My Princess” called Beyoncé to Meghan, during her husband Jay Z gave him advice to the Royal couple: “Never forget is the time for you.”

This week, finally a program channel ABC (owned by Disney), showed in a brief interview, in which Beyoncé insured Good Morning America you grew up watching this movie, “the first Disney brought me to tears”.

“As a mother, my family is my top priority. There are not many movies where you can go out with his children with a lot of pride in the heritage,” said the driver. The share of feminism, he tell her that it is good that the Director Favreau, the laid Nala to pelearle the place of the bad side of Simba. “Women and the warriors are together.

He also said that his album is a tribute to Africa video Spirit he wanted to show how God is the painter and the beauty of the nature, needs, artistic direction.

The comedian Seth Rogen, the voice of the wild boar Pumbaa, ensure that you never so something like the magnetism of a Queen B. Stated that at the premiere in Los Angeles, before the film of the prominent guests, the Director was, so that you can switch from one to the stage, and when the appointed Beyonce, the audience went nuts and applauded standing. “Without having seen anything yet , unpublished”.

“It is a kind of Oprah Winfrey, is presidenciable” he praised Donald Glover. “Beyoncé’s President”. Don’t throw away your ideas, the fan club.




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