The Rose house has about 450 thousand people by 2019


With a variety of cultural activities and the focus on literature and poetry, and the museum-house of literature he completed 15 years in December

With a rich agenda of cultural activities and learning, completely free of charge, at Casa das Rosas – space Haroldo de Campos poetry and literature, and completed, 15 years old, and has some of the 447.809 visitors from January to November 2019, at the latest.

A member of the network of museums in the house of the literature of the Sao Paulo in the Department of culture and the Creative economy of the country and managed by Poiesis, the house of the Rose has offered a comprehensive program, and for a variety of different target groups in the future.

The museum-house of literature, the program began with a workshop on the topic of Cenopoesia, in which the writer, Jo de Freitas had worked with the participants on the expression of the word next to the performance stage. It happened in the first edition of the course in poetry Extended in the direction of education in the form of poetry, through its various design possibilities, from the word, to the performance by the poetic voice. The revival of the garden has been the planting of nearly 490 seedlings of roses.

Next to the house, William the roses Came in the house in a homage to James Joyce on Bloomsday, with a focus on the female figures that have influenced the life and literary work of the Irish writer, through lectures, films, readings, music and dance from Ireland. To celebrate the 90 anniversary of the birth of its patron Saint, the house of the roses, the Symposium took place, Haroldo de Campos, 2019: Cosmopoética, received from the researchers and scientists in the field of work of the American poet, critic, and translator.

The museum also received the Anne-Frank – re-read drama of his now-famous diary, and the performance of the actress in the company of Cid’s wounds, in Pereira Barreto (são paulo state), under the direction of Gabriel Mirck and Lord. Mario Irikura. Pezão/Marco Antonio Iadocicco (1951-2019), a journalist, a poet and co-founder of the reading of the Cooperifa, as well as built, and the reading is operated at The top of his lungs, in the home of the Rose since 2011, received the honor on his bridge to Pezão.

The schedule of training is also maintained on the basis of the subscriptions for the share Incentive program for the research and the Translation of the work of Haroldo de Campos, the CLIP, the Boy and the CLIP is an adult.

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With the aim of recovering all the original features of the property, in the late 1920s and completed in the 1930s, and to improve its functionality as a public space of culture and the house of Rose is built from the first half of the 2020s. Of the work 80% of the total amount of the resources of the Fund for the defense of the Diffuse rights of the Ministry of justice.

The restoration project has been registered and is currently selected, the rate of return to the company amounts earned as a result of the fines, settlements, and convictions and sentences of the court. The remaining 20% are from the government of the state finances. The project has a total volume of 4.2 million US dollars, and the forecast for completion in two years.

Even with the restoration, the program further into the garden, the house of the Rose, and the other units in the network of museums-houses of literature in São Paulo – in the house, Mario de Andrade, and in the house by Guilherme de Almeida as one of the partner institutions, especially those located in the Avenida Paulista.

About Poiesis

At Poiesis – Organização Social de Cultura, an organization is designed and managed programmes and projects, and research and cultural centers, museums and educational institutions, according to the continuing education and training of students and the General public.

The institution works with the aim of knowledge spaces for a democratic access and to stimulate the artistic, intellectual, and dissemination of the language and the literature.



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