The video reveals how Kim Kardashian ‘exprimió’ put your curves in the costumes, latex-Paris


A few weeks ago, the celebrities famous Kim Kardashian, blinding his followers, if she wore three sets of latex, the signature of the designer, Balmain, in his step, during the week of the fashion of Paris.

But the questions was: whatHow could he put her great curves in such clothing latex? And the answer is not what they imagined, their trailers, because it was a task that is very complicated, needed the help of his assistants, in order to reach it.

The star Keeping Up With The Kardashiansis , took the torture, as it turned out, in the design of latex, and in an episode of their reality show, shows, what to do, she is willing to always be in fashion.

And it was not one, but three suits made of this material, wore in Parisstarting with a color of mustard, for the participation in the worship and gave to her husband Kanye West in the French city and the other in the show of Balenciaga. The other colors were pink and chocolate.

Kim Kardashian sacrifice comfort for fashion

In an upcoming episode of ” Keeping Up With The Kardashians, viewers finally, you will see Kim Kardashian in the process, to shirts with the clothing piece of latex. His sacrifice proved not to be easy to change the comfort of the type, as a set, hurt every inch of his body.

And the mood was always in the entrepreneur, while his assistant, the one you wore. “Shit… it hurts the skin,” listen to you say, Kim, Kardashian, 39 years, while you put a pair of gloves that were part of the sleeves and of the jacket of the latex set.

Your sister Kourtney Kardashian dressed in body latexto listen with chocolate color and in the video, if you into the room where he dressed Kim, and asks jokingly: “Who is the Church in latex?, the Daily Mail reported.

“Literally feel like if I pulled a muscle in the shoulder”, put it jokingly, Kim, while her assistant, Marni Senofonte, uchaba to the tight pants on the legs.

The worst part came when you had your hands in the gloves, the sophisticated jacket, but finally managed to the complete look and the businesswoman went to the show in Paris her outfit fashionista and the recognized curves.




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