The Weeknd uses the fame of Selena to promote Gomez After Hours?


The Weeknd clings to the past and the glory Selena Gomez to promote your new album?

The Weekend is using the fame of Selena to promote Gomez After Hours?
The Weeknd The After Hours

The singer and songwriter of the canadian The Weekndreleased her fourth studio album, After Hours and transports us in a universe full of melodramas.

The project has the sounds, futuristic, very electronic, all at once, there is a touch of pop A sound, a little classical, but without losing the essence of the Starboy.

This album inspired seem of your real life and your relationship with the model, Bella Hadidas well as a reference to another of his ex, Selena Gomez. Your title ” Save Your Tears, it is the perfect reflection is, according to many followers of the singer.

This album is not only the speech of a break, but also the love, fear, enemies, violence, dance, sex, demons, angels, loneliness, and unity. After Hoursthe fourth album of the singer, canadian superstar, comes in a context of fun. What is this new collection of pieces between the obsessions of the eighties and references, we are “shooting to heal”, as an artist?


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