The wild birthday was the party of Rihanna in Mexico


To celebrate, if anyone knows, and is too large Rihanna. Not only like to celebrate your successes, but also enjoy your birthday this year, on the occasion of her 32-year-old, Oh, he traveled to Mexico together a selected group of friends and family! Although it is not exactly known, in which the beach of the Mexican decided that your birthday (if you have the suspicion that it was Cabo San lucas), the party of Rihanna she was in full flirt-culture in our country.

Let us first of all, what is more than obvious the wild birthday party of Rihanna in Mexicoin the middle of the dance floor, was able to observe, like a piñata with his silhouette (and look used the you love at an event in London) and we love that lucia this number in the session…

Later, and the mere Mexican style, the friends of the singer, they sent a mariachi, and ask, during the dinner, so that anges the present with “Las Mañanitas”, which were what the guests applaud. In this part of the party more sober and elegant decoration remained, we treated ourselves to a dinner at tables with white table cloths and romantic candle. But Yes, thanks to the stories of friends, you could not see that the shots and the daisies, alas, was missing it!



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