We have found that the point that Bon has decided to Jovi for an evening with ‘the secret’ on his visit to Sao Paulo. The menu is? – Notes – Glamurama


David Bryan, Tico Torres, Tássia Magalhães, Bon Jovi || Credit: Handout

Bon Jovi was in Brazil for a few shows in the past week, and Glamurama found out that the role of the intellectual in the band, they have managed the performance, enjoy dinner peacefully, on Tuesday (24/09), in Sao Paulo, a day before the presentation of the city. The singer wanted pasta is a good food, but not a traditional restaurant. The idea was a bit more modern and trendy. One of the farmers, the band followed in the city, as luck would have it a friend of the chef Tássia Magalhães, who offered us to cook a special dinner for you, and for many years she led to the kitchen of the Italian Pomodori.

Tássia has proposed to, on the roof of his new restaurant, Fabbrica, in the Itaim Bibi neighborhood, spend time with them. In front of the beat with the hammer, Bon Jovi made it a point to check out the profile of the location on Instagram, and you like what you see. The society of friends and fans of the band, David Bryan and Tico Torres, they arrived on the scene, at 19 o’clock, and remained there for a good hour. Nothing from alcoholic beverages. On the menu it had to load: tartare Of Carne Cruda, Chips, potatoes, Fresh garlic and Black, Burrata cream, jelly, tomato, Basil Pesto, and a loaf of bread in the house; Bucattini alla Cacio e Pepe, Bass; chocolate cake and bread Pudding. Good program enjoyed the sea bass and the Cacio e Pepe. At the end he thanked her and suggested in the image. Can you believe it? “They were friendly and told me it was a long time since I could relax like that. It was very good!”, he confessed to Tássia.

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